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investment sphere 2014 and 2015

about MFX Capital

We have combined our successful Western experience with demands and expectations of our current and potential investors around the world to prepare unique, innovative product with an annual return that not only competes with the rates that local banks and microfinance organizations offer, but gives you flexible conditions, wide range of options and low-to-zero risk.

Invest in the Real Business! MFX Capital is the program allowing you to gain fixed profit from the investment in MFX Group holding and its wide range of activities.


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Choose one of the three programs:

6 months 12 month 24 month
Interest rate 2% monthly 3% monthly Floating rate 3%-5%*
Minimal Deposit $500* $100* $10,000*
Maximum Deposit Unlimited Unlimited $2,000,000*
Investor’s Cabinet
Corporate Investments (Funds, SME)
Simplified interest withdrawal procedures
Investment expert consultation

* - or equivalent in any other currency of the Wallet

* - for the first 10 months - 3% monthly, the next 8 months - 4% monthly, the last 6 months - 5% monthly

* - fixed rate on automatically reinvestment(annual interest) - 12%

Program Benefits:


Credit Officer, 34 years

I was looking for the second job, as the current one didn't fully meet my expectations of income. With MFX Capital's program I now receive 5% on my deposit monthly. That was an amazing opportunity for second income for me, that doesn't require any activity.


Housewife, 27 years

Combining family and business activity is never easy. The usual online business options didn't attract me because of a small income. But now with MFX I invest, trade, and develop as professional in financial sphere without any damage to my family. I receive the same salary that most of my friends on higher managerial positions do. And unlike them, I do not have to work long hours, or be worried about loosing my job.


Student, 21 years

I'm the MBA student, spending lots of time studying. The fixed working schedule is not for me - as I do not want my job to impact my study process in a negative way. MFX gave me an opportunity to work any time I want, and anywhere I want. I trade on Forex and Binary Options in my free time, increasing my deposit on the average 10-15% monthly. That requires only 1 hour of my time per day. I make the market fundamental and technical analysis and trade with pending orders, controlling my account from mobile phone during the day.